Pediatrics/Kids Dentistry

Pediatrics / Kids Dentistry

In line with our goal of developing healthy oral practices and habits, at Orinda Dental Care: we provide services to all members of your family including the young toddlers, early adolescents, and teenagers. Our kind caring dental providers create a pleasant experience and positive attitude toward dentistry for children at all ages by utilizing the high-quality methods and products.

Pediatrics Kids

Low Radiation Digital X-rays

At Orinda Dental Care, we utilize Digital X-rays and Panoramic machine to reduce exposure of your child to the radiation and to capture a full-mouth image to perform immediate diagnosis of hidden problems.

Fluoride Treatments

To prevent children from developing decays and cavities and to preserve their teeth healthy, we apply fluoride treatments which is a natural mineral found in food and water.

Dental Sealants

Sometimes it is hard to clean and get rid of tiny grooves in children teeth by using a toothbrush. In this scenario and to prevent development of cavities on your child ‘s tooth, we will apply dental sealants that are bonding materials which will be placed on the chewing surface of the tooth to seal it from bacteria causing decays.

Children’s Dental Crowns

When tooth is too decayed that could not be repaired with a filling, we will place and cement a dental crown over it to improve teeth’s stability.

Teeth Extraction

In scenarios like primary tooth preventing the normal eruption of a permanent tooth, wisdom teeth are impacted, or the patient has gum disease, it will become necessary to perform teeth extraction. To create comfort for children during teeth extraction, we will apply anesthesia or even Nitrous gas if requested.

Children’s Orthodontic

No Braces! No Wires! The freedom your child wants! The Invisalign clear aligners are specifically designed to transform your children smile without them having to give up the activities or foods they love. Plus, teens wearing Invisalign clear aligners are 2x more likely to experience a boost in self-esteem than those with braces.

The Invisalign clear aligners harness the most advanced teeth straightening technology to treat teen cases from simple to complex. These cases includes crossbite, open bite, overbite, crowding, spacing, and underbite.