Safety is our Priority

We are happy to announce that our office is now fully open and offering all dental services including dental cleaning and  treatments by our Hygienists and Dentist.
As of 5/16/20 Contra Costa Country has modified its order for residents allowing them to visit their dentist for hygiene appointments or any dental treatments.
To continue our practices toward providing high quality dental services in a safe environment for our patients, we have implemented additional safety measurements and equipment within the office which some of them are outlined below:


  • Utilizing Air Purifiers with HEPA filtration in waiting room and operatory rooms to keep the air clean and sanitized (HEPA Filter: High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter)
  • All door handles, counters, pens will be wiped with disinfectant throughout the day
  • Patients will be entering from waiting room door and exiting from the back door.
  • If two patients are coming in at the same time, we will be asking them to maintain social distancing while wearing face covering
  • No visitors allowed with a patient unless patient is minor and/or has a legal guardian
  • Fiberglass shield has been installed at the front office counters to provide extra protection


  • All patients must wear a mask before entering the office.
  • Patients temperature will be checked upon arrival.
  • Patients will clean hands with hand sanitizers before contacting any pen or counters.
  • Patients will be answering a series of questions for Covid-19 related symptoms, recent travel pre-appointment and at the arrival time.

Within Operatories:

  • All patients will rinse mouth with antimicrobial rinse before dental treatment.
  • Intraoral Suction devices will be used to minimize splashes
  • Extraoral Suction devices will be used to minimize splashes and filter the air
  • Air purifiers with HEPA filtration filters the air continuously
  • All Instruments are packaged and sterilized in Autoclave before use (as it has always been)
  • All surfaces in the operatory room and equipment’s will be thoroughly disinfected (as it has always been)

Our Staff and Doctor Will Be Wearing:

  • Bouffant Cap
  • Disposable gowns
  • N95 masks (which protect both patient and staff)
  • Goggle or Face Shield
  • Gloves